Our Story

Plentiful started as a medium for two friends to share simple recipes with fellow foodies. Our vision grew more expansive as we realized that life’s pleasures ring hollow without recognizing their ultimate source. So this is a blog about food, home, family, and other things of beauty, but mostly it is a blog about (and for) Jesus. 

The premise for Plentiful can maybe be best described by a brief story. The communion process at my church is that each person comes forward to the communion table, tears a piece of bread off of the loaf, dips it in the wine, and carries it back to his or her seat until a pastor invites us to partake together. One morning I accidentally pulled off a very large piece of bread which soaked up a sizable amount of wine. I felt sheepish carrying my enormous wine-soaked bread hunk back to my seat, and even more foolish when I could barely shove the whole thing in my mouth, let alone chew it. But as I sat there feeling embarrassed by my social faux pas, I realized that never once does Christ offer us a small, polite piece of himself. My super-sized communion was far more representative of Scripture’s depiction. The Bible speaks of great feasting, pleasures forevermore, abundant life and unspeakable joy. While we will not lay claim to the fulfillment of these promises in this life, we will see glimpses. My hope and prayer is that you will see glimpses of Jesus in what is presented here. 

With that impossibly lofty goal in mind: welcome, friend. Take what you need and leave the rest.